Cisco Spam and Virus Blocker Training

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Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker (CSVB) is a Email Content Security solution that provides Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus support for Emails delivery on a network. The Cisco SVB appliance is aimed for Small and SMB networks up to 250 users.

In this video package we will show you a full solution deployment using the Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker on a network to include the Internet Edge Router, DNS, and MS Exchange 2007 for the design, step-by-step configuration, installation, and how to the operate the environment.

Videos (MP4) [~141 minutes] ; for best results use the VLC player or Quicktime

Below are the topics in this training package [~141 minutes]:

  • Cisco ISR 871 Configuration (Internet Edge)
    • Basic Configuration (IP, Routing)
    • NAT Port Forwarding
    • Stateful Firewall using CBAC
    • VLAN configuration: Internal and Management networks
  • DNS Configuration
    • Creating ‘A’ Record
    • Creating ‘MX’ Record
  • MS Exchange 2007 Configuration
    • Active Directory Overview
    • Adding a new Domain to Exchange 2007
    • Understanding the Send & Receiver Connectors
  • Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker Configuration
    • Pre-Configuration
    • Initial Configuration using the System Setup Wizard
    • Changing the IP Address (the Management interface)
    • Blocker System Test with Exchange 2007
    • Testing: Inbound Email through Blocker
    • Testing: Inbound Spam Message through Blocker (to Drop)
    • Integrating Active Directory using LDAP
    • Setting up Spam Quarantine
    • Testing: Inbound Spam Message through Blocker (to Quarantine)
    • Testing: Virus in Email
    • Mail Policies using Content Filter
    • Setting up Outbound Email
    • Testing: Outbound Email through Blocker
    • Placing a Disclaimer to all outbound emails
    • Shutdown and Restart Blocker
    • Backup Configuration
    • Factory Default/Reset
  • Equipment involved:
    • Cisco Spam & Virus Blocker (50 User Support)
    • Cisco ISR 871W
    • MS Windows 2003 64-bit Server with Exchange 2007
    • External DNS

IMG_7397Michel Thomatis, CCIE #6778 (15 year) – Chief Network Architect & Lead Trainer

Michel has spent the last 18 years as a network engineer/architect.  As a 15-year CCIE, Michel loves the opportunity to provide training in a wide-array of network technologies. He formerly worked at Cisco, as well as in government, banking, and non-profit organizations. He has published the “Network Design Cookbook” and a science fiction novel called “The Dark End”.  He has also published various iOS applications (virtual Network Engineer, Circlefalls) that can be found on Apple’s iOS App Store.  Other software development experience includes python and SDN.  Currently, Michel is the owner, Chief Network Architect and Lead Trainer at RouteHub Group, LLC.