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Video Update: learn how to setup LDAP on a Cisco IOS router to integrate with Active Directory to allow users to login using there Active Directory (AD) account instead of a local account.

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs provide confidential and integrity for data being sent across a network, mainly a public network space like the Internet. VPN’s were commonly referred as IPSec VPN tunnels and the VPN topologies surrounding IPSec VPN has grown to be a scalable and robust solution for companies.

This training package consist of a workbook document with practical working configuration you can use for implementing Site-Based IPSec VPN tunnels, DMVPN, EZVPN, to SSL VPN solutions. It also contains a workbook solution for deploying GET VPN across a private WAN step-by-step. With the GET VPN document you will learn about the concepts, design considerations, configuration, and how to monitor GET VPN for all relevant topics for network engineers/consultants to manage the network in real time.

This training package also contain videos for implementing Site-to-Site VPN tunnels using IPSec with Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTI) and using FlexVPN which is the latest VPN service recommended by Cisco for VPN deployment. We will show you how to deploy this step-by-step and confirm that everything is working.

Workbook Solution (PDF), Network Diagrams
Videos (MP4) – ~74 minutes

Below are the video topics included in this training package (~74 minutes):

  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN using Virtual Tunnel Interfaces (VTI)
  • Cisco FlexVPN for Site-to-Site VPN (PSK)
  • Cisco IOS SSL VPN (Tunnel Mode)
  • Using LDAP (Active Directory) with Cisco IOS SSL VPN — NEW!!!

Below are the workbook solution technologies that include step-by-step configuration, concepts, design to monitoring aspects:


The workbook solution contains full working configuration for the following:

  • IPSec VPN (Cisco IOS) ; Site-based, Client-based
  • IPSec VPN (Cisco ASA 5500 Series) ; Site-based, Client-based
  • EZVPN for Client Remote Access
  • SSL VPN (Cisco IOS)

IMG_7397Michel Thomatis, CCIE #6778 (15 year) – Chief Network Architect & Lead Trainer

Michel has spent the last 18 years as a network engineer/architect.  As a 15-year CCIE, Michel loves the opportunity to provide training in a wide-array of network technologies. He formerly worked at Cisco, as well as in government, banking, and non-profit organizations. He has published the “Network Design Cookbook” and a science fiction novel called “The Dark End”.  He has also published various iOS applications (virtual Network Engineer, Circlefalls) that can be found on Apple’s iOS App Store.  Other software development experience includes python and SDN.  Currently, Michel is the owner, Chief Network Architect and Lead Trainer at RouteHub Group, LLC.