Hello Networkers,

We have released a new training series for Network Programmability using the Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) with Python Programming step by step. NETCONF provides a lightweight option for network programmability to get the running config or yo push a set of configuration commands to a device.  This is what we will teach you in this short video course step-by-step to advance your skills as a network engineer.

In this course, we will be covering a lot of different topics which will include the following:

  • Overview and Design: starting out in this course, we will talk about the different ways you can do network programmability and discuss the various options available.From there we will talk about the general concepts about NETCONF that are important to know.
  • Basic Network Configuration: we will perform some basic configuration to Cisco network devices which will include configuring an interface that will be used as the management interface. We will make sure that SSH is enabled and we will setup a user account for login access for NETCONF.
  • Using NETCONF without Scripting: we will show you how we can connect to a network device using NETCONF and show what that experience is like without any scripting.
  • Using NETCONF with Python Programming: the biggest aspect in this course will be building several Python scripts that will be responsible for building NETCONF connections to get the running config and to push config commands. We will do this for our Cisco IOS router and a Cisco Nexus switch. We will show a basic approach for doing this, so you’ll understand what is going on. Then we will build some our scripts in a more recommended approach which will do the same thing.

You can get more details at: http://www.routehub.net/netconf

If you are an active Ultimate Collection subscriber you can download the new series by going to the  Download Center

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