Planned Training Packages

Below are the training updates and new additions expected to be released to our collection in the next year:

Updated: June 2018

  • This list is subject to change any time during the year as needed

    1. New Video Series: Ansible for Network Automation (NetDevOps)
    2. New Video Series: SDN using Cisco APIC-EM
    3. New Video Series: Fortinet FortiManager
    4. New Video Series: Video Lab using Network Design Cookbook: 2nd Edition
    5. Updates: Network Design Cookbook: 2nd Edition
    6. New Video Series: F5 BIG-IP DNS
    7. New Video Add-On: Python Training – Using Flask and Database (SQL)
    8. New Video Series: Wireshark and Packet Captures
    9. New Video Series: Citrix NetScaler ADC Training
    10. Updates: Solutions & Technologies – Cisco Medianet
  • New Training Series:

    1. HCI using Nutanix
    2. SDN using OpenFlow and REST API
    3. SD-WAN using Cisco IWAN
    4. Cisco ASA with FTD using FDM
    5. Network Design Cookbook – 2nd Edition
    6. Python Programming for Network Engineers
    7. Fortinet FortiGate 5.6 Firewall Training
    8. Solutions & Technologies – Unified MPLS
    9. Enterprise Solution with Redundant LAN and BGP
    10. Check Point (SMB) Training
    11. Solution Training: LAN and Internet Edge Solution Deployment
    12. Juniper SRX Firewall Training
    13. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Training

    Training Updates:

    1. SDN using OpenFlow and REST API
      1. Open Daylight and REST API (XML)
    2. Cisco ASA with FTD using FDM:
      1. Remote Access VPN
      2. Filtering based on Geolocation 
      3. Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
      4. System Updates
      5. System Upgrade to 6.2.2
      6. Filtering based on User’s Identity using Active Authentication
      7. File Policy (Malware Protection)
    3. Fortinet FortiGate 5.6:
      1. DNS Suffix with Remote Access
      2. UPN
      3. VOIP/SIP
      4. Troubleshooting High CPU
    4. Palo Alto Networks – IP Block List Feed (PAN OS 8.0)
    5. Palo Alto Networks – Data Filtering
    6. Cisco Unified CM Training: URI Dialing (within UCM cluster)
    7. Solutions & Technologies – Cisco PfR, Cisco Easy Virtual Network (EVN)
    8. Riverbed Steelhead CX: Virtual In-Path using WCCP
    9. Palo Alto Networks: Vulnerability Protection (IPS)
    10. Cisco ASA with FirePOWER: Inbound Firewall, Policies, IPS
    11. Cisco Data Center Training: Storage Fundamentals, VSAN
    12. Palo Alto Networks: Fundamentals, App-ID, Dynamic Block List
    13. Cisco Unity Connection (CUC): CUC 11, Unified Messaging using Office 365