Cisco Multi-VRF CE (VRF-lite) Training

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VRF-lite is a scaled down version of MPLS that can be run on Catalyst 6500 (Supervisor 32 , Supervisor 720), Catalyst 3750 Series, Cisco ISR Series,and more. VRF-lite is used to create separate routing domains (or virtual routing) on the same hardware infrastructure. This training workbook will provide the following:
  1. Learn the concepts of VRF-lite that matter in terms of the components and protocols involved.
  2. Learn how to design VRF-lite as a solution with practical steps, considerations, and tools.
  3. Learn how to configure VRF-lite with best practices and get operational step-by-step configuration.
  4. Learn how to monitor, troubleshoot, and confirm the operational state of VRF-lite in your configured network.
This is what we call C.D.C.M (Concepts, Design, Configuration, Monitor), important for network engineers and consultants to know how to manage a network in real time.
Workbook Solution (PDF), Network Diagrams
Below are the topics included in this training package:
  • VPN and Routing Forwarding (VRF)
  • OSPF and EIGRP Routing
  • LAN Switching: VLAN and 802.1Q
  • Layer 2/Transparent Firewall Configuration using Cisco ASA/PIX
  • Step-by-Step Configuration
  • Monitoring and Testing
  • Full Working Configuration Files
Michel Thomatis has spent the last 15 years as a network engineer/architect. As a 10-year CCIE, Michel loves the opportunity to provide training in a wide-array of network technologies. He formerly worked at Cisco, as well as in government, banking, and non-profit organizations. Currently, Michel is the owner and Chief Network Architect and Trainer at RouteHub Group, LLC.