Security Solutions

Do you want to learn how to block certain applications like BitTorrent, Skype, to Social Networking? Do you want to learn how to decrypt a secure web page to inspect it further? Do you want to learn how to filter traffic based on the identity of an Active Directory user?  Do you want to block inappropriate websites to viruses and bots? You will learn how to do many of these things in the available training packages we have available in our collection

We have training packages focused on deploying next-generation firewall appliances from Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, to even Palo Alto Networks.  You will learn how to implement security features such as application inspection, IPS, URL filtering, SSL decryption, Site-to-Site VPN tunnels to even deploying a remote access solution.  We also have available training for deploying identity control within the LAN and applying security policies to switch points in the environment.  Below are the Network security training products available in our collection:


All products in this category are included in the Ultimate Collection and the Security Collection