About RouteHub

RouteHub is focused on practical, real-world training for network engineers and consultants.

Certifications has value and its place, but we saw the need for training that would help network engineers quickly get a solution in place in real-life situations. We’re here tell you what you need to do to get a network up and running, how to configure different technologies including solutions, and to help you really understand how it works.

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable training for engineers
  • Taught by 20-Year CCIE instructor
  • Training content you can download
  • Variety of different vendor training
  • Monthly updates to training courses


It’s not easy keeping daily operations under control and keeping up with new technology. Plus, even after you go to a class where information is presented once at a fast rate it is easy to miss some important points. That’s where I found your website to be a perfect knowledge gap filler. Your videos give hands-on information and covered important points. The videos also gave me many ideas that were not covered in classes or manuals. Also, one can delve into new technologies that are out there, but not implemented at ones organization

Jim Biecher, Fauquier Health Systems, Inc

I have never come across a group who is so wise about their knowledge of networking. They are by far the best of the best when it comes to Cisco. And has been the silent hero time and time again.

Sam Wong, YourNewDesktop, Inc.


Other Resources

This section will provide additional information about our training program at RouteHub. Some of these resources will include some of the following:

  • You can view the list of planned training courses we are currently working on that will be released into our collection
  • You can view the latest updates of new training courses added and new updates added for a course
  • You can view our Wish List page and cast your vote on new training courses we should consider in the future. Including what is in high demand to learn as network engineers and consultants.

You can view all of the available resources in the tabs on the left.

Planned Training

Below are the training updates and new additions expected to be released to our collection in the next year. This list is subject to change any time during the year as needed. You can add training suggestions on our Wish List page.

  • Day Zero Automation using POAP and ZTP
  • SonicWALL 6.0 Firewall Training
  • Network Automation for Fortinet FortiGate
  • Juniper Routing and Switching
  • Extreme Networks (EXOS) Training

Latest Updates and Additions

Below are the latest updates of training courses and lessons that has been added to our collection for reference.

  • Network Automation with Palo Alto Networks
  • FortiGate 7.0 Updates: Traffic Shaping, SD-WAN
  • Network Automation using Cisco NSO
  • Fortinet FortiGate 7.0 Firewall Training
  • Palo Alto Networks 10.0 Firewall Training
  • Guest Services / Web Authentication with Cisco WLC added to ‘Cisco ISE 3.0 Course’
  • Cisco WLC Integration with Cisco ISE and 802.1X added to ‘Cisco ISE 3.0 Course’
  • Azure VPN Services added to ‘Microsoft Azure for Network Engineers’
  • Cisco Wireless using WLC
  • Ansible Tower added to ‘Network Automation using Ansible’
  • Using NORNIR 3.0 added to ‘Network Automation using Python’
  • Microsoft Azure for Network Engineers

Wish List

We create training courses based on what our users want to learn. We also create training courses based on what is trending and in demand for learning as network engineers. You can cast your vote on selected training courses that we are considering on producing soon. You can also suggest new training you would like to see added to our training collection.

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Ask Network Engineer on YouTube

Did you know that the instructor of the RouteHub training content is on YouTube? We have a YouTube Channel with over 10,000 subscribers! On this channel, Michel has a series of videos called “Ask the Network Engineer” where users can post questions about being a network engineer. And Michel will answer those questions based on his experience and recommendations over the past 18 years.

He also release off-topic episodes talking about networking trends, certifications, tips, and top technologies important for Network Engineers to know.

Check it out!