Sample Videos from Course

In this course, you will learn how to deploy the core services for a network topology using actual deployment guides we wrote and use for real-world customer projects today. When we say core services, this deals with IP Routing, LAN Switching, Multicast, IPv6, and Quality of Service depending on what applications are used across the network.

This training series will provide several valuable workbook solutions of practical real-world network topologies. They will include full working configuration following best practices. We will also provide monitoring outputs for these configured networks for reference. We have workbook solutions for Routing, Switching, Multicast, IPv6, and QoS.

As a bonus, we have included some video topics for many of these technologies. We have a full video series for IPv6 in regards to concepts and implementation for IPv6 routing, Tunneling, NAT64, to DHCPv6. We have other video topics added from our CCNA training series (now rebranded as our Cisco Basic Networking for Beginners 102 course) with configuration tutorials for IP Routing, LAN switching, IPv6, QoS, and Multicast.

Sample Video – IP Routing

Sample Video – LAN Switching

Sample Video – IPv6